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Product Description

Automatic Multi-Needle Greenhouse Quilt Machine Multi-Needle Quilting Machine Mattress Multi-Needle Quilting Machine
1.Multi-needle quilting machine is suitable for sewing cotton quilt, greenhouse insulation quilt, cotton curtain quilt, car
insulation quilt, silk quilt and so on.
2.Multi-needle quilting machine is beautiful in appearance, reliable in quality, low in
noise and high in efficiency. The cotton quilt is evenly spaced, beautiful, delicate and convenient to be removed.
3.Standard 9 needles, 11 needles, other specifications can be customized.


Multi-needle quilting machine
Motor speed
Needle model
25*450 Industrial machine needle
Needle Number
9/11 or customized
Stitch distance
25-50mm adjust
Machine size

Detailed Image

1.The rotary hook-type imitation manual quilting machine adopts a large rotary shuttle, which can quilt 200 quilts at a time
without changing the bottom thread.
2.There is a bottom thread design with a rotary hook, no off-thread, no jumper, easieroperation.
3.Gear transmission, needle movement.
4.The threading is scientific, the elasticity is moderate, and the sewing is more beautiful.
5.The machine is equipped with a winding device, which is convenient for the hook to be wound. The large hook is
designed, and the winding is 600 meters at a time.

Packing & Delivery

Why Choose Us

Machine will be packed in wooden case to make sure the machine is in perfect condition when you receive it.
Professional team make the best shipping plan to save time and costs. We'll send you documents, like BL, PL, Invoice, CO etc.
After shipment
We have professional transportation team to make the best shipping plan for you, saving time and costs. After sail, we will send  you all documents, like Bill of Loading, Packing list, Invoice, Certificate of Original.
After receiving
Normally the machines are already installed before delivery, after you receiving it, you can directly connect to the power supply and use it. We may also send you the manual and operating video to show you how to use it.
After-sales service
Received the machine,please feel free to contact us if you have any problem,we will solve the problem online at any time


Welcome to Zhengzhou Oski Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Oski Machinery Co., Ltd. is a factory with many years of production experience and good raw material supply, so the price is very competitive; In addition, all raw materials are 100% new, ensuring the overall quality and service life of the machine. Test the machine before leaving the factory to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Send spare parts to you for replacement to reduce the international transportation cost of customers later.



Minimum order quantity is 1 set, More quantity more discount.
Machine Voltage
We can customize the voltage as your request. Like 110v/220v/380v/415v, 1 or 3 phases.
Payment methods
Alibaba online order, T/T bank transfer, WeChat, Alipay, L/C, etc.
Warranty time
Our warranty time is 2 years. Free spare parts within 2 years. After warranty, we still supply online after-sales service.
Production time
The machine is generally in stock, the production time is about 3-7 days, and the transportation will be arranged for you as soon as possible.
Machine quality
All machines are brand new, and the quality of the machines is our top priority. Before leaving the factory, we will test the machines to ensure that they can work normally.

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