Полностью автоматическая машина для подвязки проволоки тонкая проволока маленькая круглая скручивания о-образная катушка обмотка


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 Full automatic binding wire tying machine fine wire small round coiling machine O shape coil winding and tie machine

Product Description


Simply introduction: Automatic cable winding and bundling machine is a all in one machine include wire cutting, wire stripping, wire winding, wire bundling, labeling function.


USAGE: Mainly to solve various types of AC cable, DC cable, power cables, electronics wire,date line, vedio line, USB cable ect.. manufacturer packing problem, staff workload, high work intensity.


Special Feature: The mechanical design is reasonable, simple operation, stable yield, and reasonable price. Make labor intensity weakened. It is the best choice of power cord manufacturers.

Product Description
FunctionFully-automated wire wound winding machine, unmanned, high speed8 shape and circleThick line, big 8 shapes, double tie typeLarge circle type
Applicable wireUSB/DC/power cableUSB/DC/ACThick power cordThick power cord
Winding appearancecircle8 shape and circle8 shape two tieBig circle
Applicable wire diameter≤10MM≤6.2MM/7MM≤10MM≤8MM
Final circle diameter<50mm<40mm<55mm<50mm
Theoretical yield≤700pcs/H≤1200/1000pcs/H≤1000pcs/H≤1000pcs/H
Winding distance80-180mm80-150/180mm230-450mm180-330mm
Head length40-130mm70mm/40-130mm0-300mm40-200mm
Tail  length>40mm>120mm>200mm>40mm
Applicable cable tie

Plastic coated

iron core

Plastic coated iron corePlastic coated iron corePlastic coated iron core
Pressure requirements0.4-0.55Mpa0.4-0.55Mpa0.4-0.55Mpa0.4-0.55Mpa


FunctionSmall circle type8 shape and circle8 shapes and circle type
Applicable wireDC line power lineGeneralGeneral
Winding appearancesmall circle8 shape two tie8 shape one tiecircle

Applicable wire


Final circle diameter<18mm<40mm<40mm<50mm
Theoretical yield≤1200pcs/H≤1200pcs/H≤1800pcs/H≤1000pcs/H
Winding distance60-80mm140-230mm70-200mm80-180mm
Head length20-60mm0-70mm0-100mm40-130mm
Tail  length>20mm>Head length≥0mm>40mm
Applicable cable tiePlastic coated iron corePlastic coated iron core and no corePlastic coated iron corePlastic coated iron core
Pressure requirements0.4-0.55Mpa0.4-0.55Mpa0.4-0.55Mpa0.4-0.55Mpa



Product Overviews
BS0-.jpgBS0.jpg8674284544_960414871.jpgTWIST TIE.jpg.jpg


 Finished products for reference:



Packaging & Shipping

Package size  600x750 x1380mm   

GW 260KG 

Company Information


Our Services

Our service

1. On-time delivery and the shortest delivery time.

2.1-year warranty. If our products cannot function properly within 12 months, we'll offer spare parts for free; and you need to pay for the delivery.

3.OEM and customized service.


---Purchase guidance

If you are not sure which model is the best option within you budget, please send us the parameter or wire, it’s our pleasure to make a recommendation and comparison models to you.



---Technical Support

User manuals will go with relative machines.

If you have any problem with operation, please feel free to contact us.


---QC Check before shipment

All products will be checked before delivery.



---After Sale Service

Don’t worry, we are here to help. CROWN provides lifetime after sale support to our customers including operation guidance, parts replacement, maintenance support. Just feel free to contact us!


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