Аппарат для маски на все лицо и один аппарат сварки ушной петли




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Product Description

1.Full face mask machine and one machine ear loop welding machine full auto
One drag two plane mask all-in-one machine is a kind of high-efficiency and highly practical best-selling model on the market.
One drag two plane mask all-in-one machine consists of one material roll feeding machine, one plane mask tablet machine, one set of
connecting machine and 2 sets of automatic earloop machine.
The ear strap welding machine can automatically complete the body forming of the mask, automatically add the nose bridge ribs, the ear strap welding and Automatic counting and other functions.

The product concept of Full face mask machine and one machine ear loop welding machine full auto
Simple and easy to use, stable and reliable, with good versatility, compatibility, and cost performance.

Product Paramenters

Machine Name
Face Mask Machine
380V,50Hz,3Phase Can be customized
Heat Source
Drying Capacity
About 150 /min
Production Mask Size Specifications
Line efficiency
≥ 80pcs/min
Equipment Production Yield
≥ 95%

4.Working process of mask mahcine
1. After the raw material is unfolded, the whole roll of fabric is driven by the drum, and the fabric is automatically folded and hemmed.
2.Mask machine parts Start to fold processed materials.
3. Both sides are ultrasonically welded to the seal,then ultrasonically sealed laterally,
4.Shaped with a cutting machine,cut into a certain length.
5. The mask is transported to the two mask ear belt welding stations through the assembly line, and the mask is finally formed by ultrasonic welding
6. After the mask is made, it is transported to the flat belt line for collection through the assembly line.

Flat masks
2-layer non-woven masks
3-layer non-woven masks
4-layer activated carbon masks

Raw materials
ear hook
nose bridge
non-woven fabric
activated carbon cloth
filter cotton (filter paper)

Factory stock of facemask machine
1. We have strong production capacity.
2. We have a large inventory of machines to meet your needs at any time.
3. Support customization of various mask machines and other related machines

Shipping of facemask machine
1.Our products are multi-layered packed in wooden boxes to ensure that the machine will not be damaged. 2.Many customers praise
our machine packaging is very professional,and customers are very satisfied after receiving the goods.

4.Individual machine
We also provide 1+1 High Speed Mask Machine and other related machines,such as Mask body machine, Ear loop machine, Mask outlet
machine ,If you need to buy one of these separate machines, we are happy to provide you with it.

Stock Of 3D Stereo Mask Machine
We have our own machine factory, which can meet your large order.

Company Introduction

Great Machinery Equipment (zhengzhou) Co., Ltd.
2007 sees the company growth and its business scope enlarge from drying machine to a complete production line, such as washing machine, cutting machine, and packaging machine. sales and service with total investment of 5 hundred million . We mainly supply a whole production chain of closely related machines, including, cleaning machine, stripping machine, drying machine and packing machine.

Customer Feedback

Related Products

1.What is the suitable materials of mask making machine?
Non-woven cloth, ultra-fine polypropylene fiber melt ingress, ultra-thin polypropylene melt spray cloth, sanitary gauze, light
cloth, activated carbon cloth, filter paper and other nonwoven materials can be used for mask production.

2.Can I use my own raw materials for extraction test?
Yes, of course. We can do extraction tests and send videos and test reports for your reference.

3.Do you have OEM service? Do you provide parts?
Yes, we will, as long as you provide us with your drawings and detailed requirements.

4.How can we visit your factory?
You can fly to Zhengzhou airport, or if you arrive in Shanghai, you can tell us your specific location. We will arrange a driver
to pick you up.

5.How to transport equipmen?
We usually choose sea transportation. Laboratory models can be shipped by air according to customer requirements.

6.What is the voltage of the equipment?
The equipment voltage is 380V, if the user requires 220V, the specific can be customized according to the voltage standard of the
country where your equipment is used.

7.What is your after-sales service?
We provide the English manual of the equipment manual. If you need, we will send an engineer to install and train workers.

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