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High Speed 156 Needle Count Terry Sock Knitting Machine for Socks

Automatic Socks Making Machine Knitting Socks Making Machine Price

6F Dahaomingde PLC Computerized Circular Terry Plain Socks Knitting Machine

WEI HUAN Terry Plain Socks Knitting Machine WH-6F-B

Weihuan sock knitting machine factory contact sales: wiki wong mobile/whatsapp +8613738082939


Model: WH-6F-B

Terry Socks Knitting Machine Single Yarn Feeder

Cylinder Diameter 3.75 Inch


Model: WH-6F-A

Plain Socks Knitting Machine Single Yarn Feeder

Cylinder Diameter: 3.5 Inch

Weihuan WH-6F-B 03 (3).JPG

Factory BrandWei Huan
Factory AddressZhuji, Zhejiang, China
Customized Logo and BrandYes
Packing Export Wooden Box
Technician and English operation manualYes
After-sales serviceYes
Factory Production Capacity100000sets one year


1.    Single cylinder one feeder into yarn, 6 colors in one line, there are 13 colors total in socks pattern.

2.    It can knit high heel, big heel, small heel, 180 degree against sock mouth.

3.    Two colors for socks heels and socks toes.

4.    Open circuit protect and UPS design; it will continue knitting after suddenly stop.

5.    Can buy two elastic finger for different colors.


Machine can make:

It can knit terry or plain socks, clockwise and reversed terry socks, winter heavy terry socks, feather yarn socks, half flocking socks, plain pantyhose, terry pantyhose, special sport socks like football socks, ice skating socks, two feeds machine for cross pattern socks, single welt socks and so on.



Model: WH-6F-B Terry Socks Knitting Machine Single Yarn Feeder

Cylinder Diameter: 3.75 Inch

Needle Range: 42-240 Needles

Running Speed: 200-320RPM

Cylinder: Single Cylinder

Yarn Feeder: One Feeder

6 Actuator

Sock Body: 200-350RPM

Sock heel: 180-280RPM

13 Sides Yarn Shuttles

8 Main Pneumatic Yarn Fingers

Automatic Yarn Feeder

Power: 380V 50Hz 3Phase

Floor Space: 150*120*240CM

Package Dimensions: 113*75*157CM

N.W.: 300KG

G.W.: 350KG

Remark: The machine running speed can be adjusted according to different materials and socks patterns.

_20230731152326.png_20230731152350.png_20230731152419.png_20230731152443.png_20230731152539.png33.jpg44.jpgWeihuan WH-6F-B 03 (1).JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 03 (2).JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 03 (3).JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 04.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 05.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 06.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 07.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 08.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 09.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 10.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 11.JPGWeihuan WH-6F-B 12.JPGBorche factory.jpg


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