Популярный смесительный бак YD нагреватель кастрюля оборудование для свечей машина соевого воска Двухслойное цветное ароматическое масло SS304 150 кг заводская




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Company Profile

Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.


Product Name
100kg wax melting tank movable
Power supply
220v 50hz / 110v 60hz 6kw
With Mixer or without mixer/mixing fragrance and wax

Product Description

Candle Make Machine 150Kg Wax Melter Tank With Mixer wheel with brake and step
Electric trolley type warmer tray and filler
Machine Could Melt Soy wax paraffin wax coconut wax honey wax etc

Wax melter tank with mixer and step
Trolley type filing machine with warmer tray(keep warm ,not melt wax)
Easy to change color and fragrance,wax
High efficiency

※We are professional making wax melter and filling machine,candle make machine for 10 years

Wax melter tank SS304,Electric type double layers,water jacket/oil jacket(0-100degree,0-120degree)

Wax melter tank size:50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 300kg 500kg 1000kg 2000kg etc

Heating method:electric type water jacket double layers,
Heating time:within 2 hours
Control box to set heating temperature and mixer speed,power switch

Electromagnetic type
The main difference is the heating method
Electric type is double layer and water jacket heating,
Electromagnetic type is induction heater and high efficiency.

Conton box to set temperature and adjust mixer device speed
Turn on Heating element
The bottom structure is strong, with square support at the bottom of the barrel, enough strength to support the weight of the wax,
and will not collapse

Wax Valve/Tap to pour wax out of the tank,easy to clean the tank and change wax and color fragrance
Mixer device
1.The temperature of the bottom and top of the barrel can be uniform
2.Prevent material precipitation
3.Can the cooling of the wax
4.Speed up the wax melting

Mixing fragrance and wax

Two heating element to melt wax,one heating element to keep wax warm all the time,avoid wax cool down while filling
Window to check water lever

We make a radian design of the bottom at the tank,material can use totally,save material
Motor of Mixer,speed adjustable
Electric type water/oil jacket,double layers
Thickness 2mm

Technical Parameter

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