Горячая Распродажа газовая машина для обжарки кофейных зерен




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Model : AMZ-01GT/ET

Batch Capacity: 1kg green coffee beans,1.5kg max

Roasting Time:10 Minutes for light roasting ,15 Minutes deep roasting

Dimensions(l*w*h): 1132*724*1035mm

Weight: 100Kgs
Type of Fuel : Gas/Electric
Voltage: 110-380V/50-60Hz
Type of Roasting:Semi-Hot Blast and Half Direct Fire

Power Consumption: 250w/4800w

Drum Material:High Temperature Resistant Stainless Steel

Temperature Control: Yes 
Fuse and leakage protector: Equipped
Electric igniter: Equipped
BT/ET: Equipped 

LAMP: Equipped 
PID Controller: Equipped 
Chaff Cyclone: Equipped
Electrostatic precipitator(ESP): Optional
PC Connection ServiceOptional
Operation DeskOptional
Variable Drum SpeedOptional 

Service Before&After

Service Before

1.Prompt shipment : By reputed shipping line and professional documents
2.Cargoes photo : Before and after loading into container
3.Packing : New and strong sea worthy packing;as buyer's special request
4.Best service after shipment with email
5.Feedback email after end-users received the cargo
6.Trade Assurance service as a trade safeguards


1.Full experience for the whole world market export.
2.Quality with international standard.
3.Payment in long time:Pay in (60 days; 90 days ) is available.
4.Trade Insurance Payment Service.


We Guarantee to stock the parts for the roasters we sell for 10 years after your purchase. 

During the first year we provide warranty parts to our customers in the event product fails or becomes defective due to part failure. (We do not warrant parts or equipment misused or improperly used by the customer) ​In the event a part goes bad during the warranty our customer will contact us and describe in full detail the problem so we can diagnose what is wrong to repair it. Once we diagnose the problem and the part needed we send out parts free of charge including free priority mail to customer for the warranty period.

After warranty we want your equipment to last for years to come. So we provide and stock parts for all our customers for 10 years after the sale. Just tell us the parts you need and you choose the method to ship these. We only charge part and fair shipping fees after warranty.

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1-) When would my order be arrived?
We also serve you support for transportation in the framework of high-qualified and safety shipment principles.

2-) How do you pack my product for safe transportation?
Your order would be meticulously packed in strong box against every external factors that may damage. Due to every contrary situation, our shipments would be insured according to your wish. By the conscious of yours value, we would offer you support in every freight process as well.

3-) Which products are included in warranty?
Our roasters are included warranty for 12 months.

4-) In which situations would the product be out of warranty?
We supply warranty only for coffee roasters.

-The damage by fire, earthquake, flood, typhoon, lightning, other natural disasters, Abnormal voltage, pollution, and .chemical erosion.
-The damage by using the roster under rugged environment
( Fumes, dust, moisture, outdoor, etc), or unfollowing the instruction.
-The damage by improper installation of power and gas.
-The damage by falling, transformation, collision, self dismantling repair, etc.
-The damage by replacement of counterfeited parts and components, or cleaning machine in a wrong way.

5-) Can I obtain spare parts?
We also supply spare parts of our products. In addition, in order to your demand; we can also support you by visually to change them by yourself easily.

6-) Which payment methods do you accept?
You can make payment via mail order, money order or Trade Insurance Payment service(Alibaba Service).

Contact Information

Dalian Amazon Coffee Co.,Ltd
Global top 500 supplier by Alibaba.

Phone :0086-411-82775686
Fax :0086-411-82775818
For any probably questions and further information should you require please do not hesitate to contact us ^^

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