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Products Description

If you want to buy a top quality watch, there are three choices you can make:
1. Visit my Alibaba home page, where there are more options
2. Send me an enquiry directly or click on CHAT NOW
3. You can add my WHATSAPP +86 151 7046 1840 for more options and original HD pictures and videos

Company Profile

We are first hand dealer (offical dealer) of CLEAN factory/ VSF (VS Fatcory) / JF Factory/ AR Factory/ PPF (PP Factory)/3KF(3KFactory)/ ZF (Z factory)/ GF (G factory) ect.
We can help you find any brand name watch you want. In order to build a long term relationship with buyers, I will provide you with the best quality watches at the same price.


1, How does the customer guarantee the quality of the product?
All watches are carefully inspected to ensure they are free from defects. This includes checking the band, bezel and watch functions. All watches are then tested on a watch time tester machine to ensure that the watch is within an acceptable range of +/- 3 seconds per day.
The watches are photographed three times to document their physical condition before delivery. This ensures customers that all watches are undamaged before delivery. This process also helps document each watch shipped to ensure that each customer gets what he ordered. Quality control high resolution pictures are sent to each customer allowing them to check and confirm their order prior to delivery.

2. What are your product lead times?
For off-the-shelf stock, the delivery day is within 2 days, which is much faster than general suppliers. For customized orders,
the delivery day is within 30 days, much faster than general suppliers.

3,How to ship to protect the interests of buyers?
Because different countries have different customs policies, the seller is responsible for the customs of the sending country, and the buyer is responsible for the customs of the destination country. BUT!!! Safe shipping methods to avoid possible custom problem… we will use DHL/FEDEX shipping to avoid custom problem – first from GuangDong to HongKong, then HongKong to your country.
can 99% avoid custom problem and buyer dont need to pay tax. shipping time normally 7-14 days.

4,How to contact us?
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by whatsapp or eamil.
# Our email is 15170461840@163.com
# Our whatsapp: +86 151 7046 1840

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