Витой 3 многожильный Нейлоновый морской катер якорная веревка


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Product Description

Twisted 3 Strand Nylon Marine Boat Anchor Rope For Ship
3-Strand nylon rope is an all-around workhorse and very popular for a variety of different reasons. The combination of lower price, great service life and practicality makes 3-Strand Nylon one of our top sellers.
This rope has excellent shock absorption characteristics which makes it ideal for the boat dock line and anchor line. This rope also works well for things like tire swings and the like, where the user might want to spin the rope.
Very strong synthetic fibre rope with excellent shock absorption properties. High elongation makes this rope ideal for towing and mooring applications. Nylon ropes offer greater break load strength than polyester and polysteel. Please note that all nylon ropes absorb water and as a consequence the ropes strength will be reduced when wet.
Material: Polyamid/multifilament. Fibres extracts out part as monofilament part as multifilament. It is a strong rope and has a high elongation under load, but goes back to its original length. Nylon has high energy absorbation under shock and good abration resistance. It has a flexible and smooth construction. It's resistant against alkalies and rot, but doesn't handle acid as well as polypropylen.

Twisted 3 Strand Nylon Marine Boat Anchor Rope For Ship

Detailed Images

Twisted 3 Strand Nylon Marine Boat Anchor Rope For Ship
3-strand twisted nylon rope is known for its elasticity and tremendous shock absorbing qualities. This makes it an excellent choice for boat anchor lines and tie-up lines.
Other advantages of this rope include good abrasion resistance, will not rot and is also resistant to oil, gasoline and most chemicals. UV rays affect this rope very little as well.

Strong, high tensile strength
Superior shock absorbency
Abrasion resistant
Mildew resistant
Strong, Durable,
Flexible and Shock Absorbent.
Resists Chemicals and Abrasion.

Our Company

Qingdao Florescence Co., Ltd

Qingdao Florescence Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of ropes certified by ISO9001. We have set up several production bases in Shandong and Jiangsu of China to provide professional service of ropes for customers in different types.
Main products are polypropylene polyethylene polypropylene multifilament polyamide polyamide multifilament, polyester, UHMWPE.ATLAS and so on.

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Packing & Delivery

Twisted 3 Strand Nylon Marine Boat Anchor Rope For Ship
We pack our 3 strand twist nylon rope with one roll of 220meters. Plastic chuck or wooden chuck are available for the packing choices. We ship them by ocean or air way.

Twisted 3 Strand Nylon Marine Boat Anchor Rope For Ship

The way we ship our nylon ropes depends on the quantity you order. If the order can be more than our MOQ 300kgs, and then we ususally ship them by ocean way, however, if you need them to be shipped fast, we can deliver them by air. If you just order the sample quantity, and we usually ship them by express way, such as TNT, UPS,ect.

Custom Photos

Twisted 3 Strand Nylon Marine Boat Anchor Rope For Ship
Our nylon anchor lines are sold abroad the world. We build a longterm business relationship with our customers.


Twisted 3 Strand Nylon Marine Boat Anchor Rope For Ship

1. How should i choose my product?
A: You only need tell us the usage of your products, we can roughly recommend the most suitable rope or webbing according to your description. For example, If your products are used for outdoor equipment industry, you may require the webbing or rope processed by waterproof, anti UV, etc.
2. If I am interested in your webbing or rope, can I get some sample before the order? do I need to pay it?
A: We would like to provide a small sample for free, but the buyer has to pay the shipping cost.
3. Which information i should provide if I want to get an detail quotation?
A: Basic information: the material, diameter, the breaking strength, color, and quantity. It couldn't be better if you can sent a little piece sample for us reference, if you want to get the same goods as your stock.
4. What is your produce time for bulk order?
A: Usually it is 7 to 20 days, according to your quantity, we promise delivery on time.
5. How about the packaging of the goods?
A: Normal packaging is coil with a woven bag, then in carton. If you need a special packaging, please let me know.
6. How should i make the payment?
A: 40% by T/T and the 60% balance before delivery.

contact information

If you are looking for ropes, please feel free to leave me a message and thank you for visiting!

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