Квадратное резиновое уплотнительное кольцо IBG OEM EPDM для ретортной машины


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Rubber gasket
Best Seal can OEM gasket from both sponge and solid rubber compounds. Several manufacturing processes can be used depending on the customer’s part requirements as to its environment, function, quantity, etc.
* Die Cut, with or without Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
* Molded
* Extruded
* Fabricated

Each process offers its benefits based on the required tolerance, required thickness, and required size, production quantities and lead time needed. The specific elastomer and method of production are dependent upon the operating environment and sealing characteristics required.
With morn than 20 years of experience, we will satisfy your sealing requirements

Shower head rubber gasket
This is rubber gasket  is made by molded. Our gasket is 100% inspect, in order to guarantee water discharge evenly.

Flange rubber gasket
This flange rubber gasket is made by compressed molded. We 100% inspected by hand to guarantee smooth surface, no void, no burrs and so on.

Customize square rubber gasket
We can customize any shape gasket as per customers' design. And control dimensions with tolarance as per RMA A2 or A1.

Sponge rubber splice ring gasket
Strongly joint
Smoothly joint
Evenly joint
EPDM splice ring gasket
Strongly joint
Smoothly joint
Evenly joint
 Hollow splice ring gasket
Strongly joint
Smoothly joint
Evenly joint

Stamp rubber gasket
We can stamp or die cut rubber gasket in any shape as per need.

Die cut foam/sponge rubber gasket with SPA
We can adhesive any brand SPA as per need. Like 3M.

Stamp sponge/foam rubber gasket
We can stamp/die cut rubber gasket in any sponge or solid rubber

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