Заводской степлер для кожи с 35 широким скользящим швом и




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Factory Skin Stapler With 35 Wide skinstapler skin staplers and remover Cucitrice cutanea
China New Style Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler Price
Medical Surgical Stapler 35W

Product Description

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Operating Room Skin Stapler 

* Nine staple counts
The different staple counts are applicable to the different wound lengh.


Skin Stapler Details
* Three sizes after closure
Wide staple: 7.0*4.0mm
It is used 80% of the time, and is considered the all purpose staple size. It is indicated for use upon medium to thick skin.
Regular staple: 5.4*3.6mm
It is used approximately 15% of the time, and is indicated for use upon thin to medium skin. For example: face or head skin.
High staple 7.0*4.5mm
It is used approximately 5% of the time, and is indicated for very thick skin. For example: a very fat person's belly skin.


Skin Staplers Details

Prior to use, read the instructions.

This device is provided sterile for single-use only. Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.

Do not re-sterilize. Discard after use.

Our Skin Stapler Features
* wo types: D and E.
* Three sizes after closure.
* Nine staple counts.
* A variety of colors.
* Angled head provides clear view to ensure precise staple placement.
* Staple count indicator clearly shows remaining staples.
* Most popular design on the market.
* Easy to use, reduced learning curve.
* Designed to reduce hand fatigue and fits wide range of hands.
* Simple design and quality construction assures consistent, reliable performance.

                                                         Our  Skin Stapler Application
* Operation Room * Labor and Delivery

* Emergency Department * Outpatient Surgery * Clinics and Physician's Offic


Skin Stapler Product Name
Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler
Skin Stapler Power Source
Skin Stapler Certificate
Skin Stapler Material
 stainless steel  Plastic
Skin Stapler Feature
Convenience & Safe & Quick
Skin Stapler After-sale Service
Online Support

Packing & Delivery

Skin Stapler Packing
Pieces /Carton pack or Customized

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