5 мм Видимый оптический Трокар медицинские принадлежности одноразовые лапароскопии для эндоскопии хирургической


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Product Description

Product Name
5mm disposable visible optical trocar
Access port of surgical operation
Blister package for trocar set/kit

  • Product performance description

  • 产品性能介绍说明

Optical visible trocar access is a technique to place the initial trocar in laparoscopic surgery.
With optical trocar access, each tissue layer can be visualized before insertion, which can help prevent organ injury, and air leaks at the trocar site can be minimized even in obese patients

Details Images

Endoscope secure lock
Easy operating tunnel lock which is used to secure the endoscope from sliding in order to provide stable visualization
Stable Thread Design
Unique thread-shaped surface with inverted tooth design to increase sleeve fixation on abdominal wall and avoid sliding when the instruments entering or withdrawing from the sleeve
None-bladed tip separates tissues instead of cutting tissues in order to reduce the damage.
Transparent conical head gives clear visual feedbacks when endoscope entering through the obturator. Also it helps avoiding blindness insertion and organ injuries

Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction

This Disposable Bladeless Trocar is CE marked and manufactured under ISO 13485 quality system. It is single-patient-use for puncturing abdominal cavity and supplying gas during laparoscopic surgery

  • Description of product use effect

Disposable laparoscopic trocar is composed of obturator and sleeve. The sleeve is composed of cannula, insufflation, stopcock, internal seal, durable universal seal.
Trocar has applications in urologic, gynecologic laparoscopy and other abdominal procedures to establish a path for entry of endoscopic instruments

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Blister package for trocar set/kit, then color box and carton package.

Company Introduction

Surgsci Medical Ltd. was established in April 2017 in Bao 'an District of Shenzhen City. And Shenzhen InnoSurg Medical Technology Co.,ltd is the Manufacture center of Surgsci Medical ltd.
It was founded by senior engineer, marketing, and sales personnel in the medical device industry.
At present, it has about 600 square meters of research and development office space and 1600 square meters of GMP clean workshop.
Since its establishment, the company has employed many excellent clinical experts as product consultants to develop innovative medical devices.


Q: Are you a factory or a trade company?
A: We are a medical technology company with a wholly-owned factory in Shenzhen city.

Q: What is your main products?
A: Disposable laparoscopic trocar, ultrasonic scalpel and personal protective equipments are the 3 main products we make. You can log in our website: www.surgsci.com for more info.

Q: What is the process of your trocar production?
A: Incoming inspection→Ultrasonic cleaning→Assembly in clean workshop→Inspection→EC sterilization→Resolution→Shipping

Q: How can I make an order ?
A: Inquiry→Quotation→Order→Payment→Delivery→Deal→Feedback

Q: How can I pay ?
A: You can pay through the payment link we send to you on Alibaba.com. We have a online store on this platform. Or you can pay to our company account in PI.

Q:What is the minimum order quantity?
A:1 set/kit. But the more you purchase,the cheaper price it will be.

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