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Herbal Shisha & Herbs for Cigarettes, Shisha & RYO (Roll Your Own)


We offer herbal shisha/ Nargile/ Moassel or molasses, and we are extremely excited to reveal the “Hats OFF” herbal product- Al Kayem Herbal Shisha/ Molasses which is purely 100% herbal but amazingly flavors are much better than the traditional shisha brands available in the market including Al Fakher.


We offer the best ever product as Herbal Shisha which is the best herbal alternative with many unique competitive advantages over other brands available in the market. The ingredients are potent, legal and non addictive herbs where a smoker can enjoy herbal Shisha with a unique BUZZ without the negative effects. Where there is a real BUZZ in Herbal Shisha is Al Kayem Shisha - “The Next Generations’ Shisha”.  http://www.herbalshisha.in/herbal-mollasses.html


Shisha products - http://biogold.in/shisha-molasses/


Mind Blowing Shisha Flavors - We offer unique & Exotic Shisha Flavors there are hundreds of different shisha flavors which include fruity flavors, creamy flavors, and spicy flavors.



Retail Prices & Packaging - retail prices start from US $ 18.50 - US $ 21.50 per kg, (based on packaging) and Retail Packing - 50 gram, 100 gram, 250 gram packet, 500 gm plastic container, One Kg. plastic container. 


Bulk Prices - For bulk inquires you may contact us directly on email or whatsApp, our Bulk prices starts from US $ 9.50/ kg. to US $ 12.50 per kg, (based on packaging), for bulk prices MOQ is 1000 kg. Bulk packing - 10 kg. Bucket, 20 kg. buckets, 50 kg to 250


Unique Herbs for Shisha/ Nargile/ Moassel/ Molasses

We also offer a variety of UNIQUE and different herbs for Shisha (Dry & Marinated both) we are one of the biggest suppliers of various unique smoking herbs for shisha/ Nargile or Moassel. PDF information on all our products is available on link – http://www.biogold.in/pdf/Herbal%20Blends%20Prices%2010-new.pdf


A. English Herb (Magic Herb) RED Colored - “Magic Herb” this is one of the top unique herb for Shisha, the quality of magic herb is this lasts for 3 hours without change of flavor. Another amazing quality of magic herb is – if this is mixed with any base mixture this will boost the taste and increase smoking time of Shisha. Amazingly the Boosted taste will be much better than the traditional shisha brands available in the market including Al Fakher. 


B. French Herbs, (KML), Lemon Yellow & Golden Herbs (LTX) for Shisha – We also offer a few unique leaves of golden and yellow color which are tasteless, specially processed in square cut as well as long cut sizes for Shisha. 


Herbal blends for Cigarettes and RYO (Roll Your Own)


We offer Ready Blends for - 1. Herbal Cigarettes, 2. Ready Herbal blends for Herbal Cigarettes & Herbal Cigars, 3. Herbal Roll Your Own (RYO),  4. Terpenes infused - Fine processed herbs for RYO and Pre rolled cones, 5. Dry & marinated herbs for Shisha/ Nargile or Moassel.

All our herbs are different for different products like - herbs for cigarettes will be different from Shisha herbs etc. below is PDF information on all our products on link http://www.biogold.in/pdf/Herbal%20Blends%20Prices%2010-new.pdf

Herbal RYO and other products PDF Downloads - http://www.biogold.in/pdf/Herbal%20RYO.pdf


Brief about company’s other herbal Products  

Other than Shisha we also offer a series of Herbal Smoking Products - PDF Downloads of all the products we offer - http://biogold.in/pdf-downloads/


We are always eager and keen to establish new business alliances worldwide

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