Терпены изолированные линолол Лемонда синяя мечта розовый куш кислый травяной топливо дизельные терпены и терпены Terpenes and its exciting smell …. <


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Terpene Strains

Terpene Strains; now a day’s Terpenes is booming opportunity of the market. Rich Terpenes is one of the biggest India’s Specific Terpene Strain Supplier Founded in 2011, provides Terpenes Strain, we offer a few very unique strains using the latest techniques in Chromatography, we offer - Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBDboosterTerpenes (without THC), We do produce our own Terpenes, initially we were using our strains in our products only, but recently, due to our unique strains and profiles, our customers’ encourage us to introduce our terpenes in the market. PDF information on all our products is available on link – http://biogold.in/pdf-downloads/


India’s Favorite Strain Specific Terpene Supplier.

Founded in 2011, Rich Terpenes™ provides Strain Specific Terpenes, taken directly from the plants Genetic Make-up. We start by sourcing strains from Award-Winning breeders, and then analyzing those findings, using the latest techniques inChromatography.

Terpenes and its exciting smell ….

Terpenes are unique phyto-chemicals derived from original buds of the plants. Our terpenes are not derived from original bud, because terpenes are also found in numerous other plants, fruits and herbs and other similar plant terpenes are better than the original source but THC free, all our terpenes are potent, herbaceous and sweet scent of sensimilla.

Do Terpenes Get You High?

Our strains smell so good due to their 3 dimensional terpene profiles. Some types of plants can contain a range of different terpene compounds while others may be dominant in one or another. However, no matter which terpene you choose it is important to know that they will not get you high. In fact, the essential oils derived from plants are also known as terpenes or plant “essences,” are safe to use for people of all ages – when used as directed, of course.

Our Unique Terpene Profiles -  Hats-Off, Lemon Skunk, Pink Kush, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Black Haze, Black OG, Yellow haze, Kush Gold Formula, Green Haze Kush, RASTA, Rich-N-Rare, Rock-N-Roll, Blue Mist, Berry Blast, Grape Magic Kush, 3 Lemon Magic, Green Tea Buzz, Purple Haze, Temptation, Pheromones, Just-ONE, Enigma, Green Mango Haze, Green Gold, Bio-Gold, Watermelon Kush, Tea Tree magic, Mountain Dew OG, Orange Haze, 3 Apple Magic, Banana Kush, GREEN Mango CRACK, Pink Lemonade, Sweet Orange Haze, Blueberry Blast, Wedding Night, Lemon Magic Buzz, Fruit Punch Buzz, Lemon Skunk Magic, PINEAPPLE KUSH, Strawberry Lemon Haze, Raspberry Haze, Vanilla Haze, Cigar Haze, Virginia BUZZ, Havana cigar Kush, Tobacco Kush.

Other terpenes Resins & wax we offer – We also offer different herbal hemp kush resins which are with CBD but  free from THC, these are potent and legal herbal Terpenes resins.

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