Портативный водородный кислородный струйный очиститель pdt светодиодный светильник терапия лифтинг лица Отбеливание кожи омоложение красоты


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2021 no Needle Free Mesotherapy Electroporation Facial Rejuvenation Beauty Machine


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PDT Led Light Therapy Beauty Face Mask for Ance Removal


face mask


DC12V, 4A


Acne Treatment/Skin Rejuvenation



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Product principle:Ultrasonic Nano and Photorejuvenation

1.Ultrasonic wave of 110KHZ produces nanometer spray, also known as “spray”

2.Tiny water particles penetrate deep into the skin without losing nutrients

3.The general face size is 25NM, the water molecule size is 0.4NM, fast absorption

4.Utilizes the principle of photorejuvenation to care for the skin with different wavelengths of light emitted by three types of light


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face mask.jpg


Main effects:
With high hydrogen content, weak alkaline, negative potential and small molecule water, it can easily remove excess malignant free radicals in the human body and enhance cell metabolism.
The waste in the metabolic process such as active oxygen (malignant free radical) which forms harmful to the human body is excreted in the form of sweat;
At the same time, the red light repair mode directly controls the dermis to produce collagen and elastic fibers by precisely controlling and releasing the 620nm red light of the unique biological cycle, eliminating aging skin and generating new young skin, thus deepening skin folds and scars. Elimination; Blu-ray cleansing acne mode directly controls the 415nm blue light of the unique biological cycle, directly acts on the skin with inflammatory acne, can stimulate the porphyrin in the skin enzyme, and release a large amount of singlet reactive oxygen species. Therefore, the effective killing of P. acnes can reduce the inflammatory lesions by an average of 73%, and achieve the purpose of treating various inflammatory or cystic acne.
Regular use can keep your skin away from the harmful effects of active oxygen to make your skin smooth and delay skin aging!
1.whitening skin
2.Improve skin inflammation and acne
4.Enhance cell metabolism
5.Efficient moisturizing
6.Improve skin dryness
7.Recover skin activity
8.Anti-acid care effect is 176 times that of VC
9.Red light 656nm: Eliminate free radicals (single-state oxygen), promote blood circulation, promote skin regeneration and metabolism;
10.Blu-ray 415nm: calm, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, treatment of acne, allergies and sensitive skin

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